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Our mission is to promote innovation and meaningful change in public education through strategic leadership and learning within and across all levels of the education system. We believe that all members of society - students, parents, educators, organizations and policymakers - have an important role to play in developing and implementing strategies that will improve educational outcomes for all. 


Emerging and Sustaining Practices in Turnaround Schools: Commissioned by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE), INSTLL's report Emerging and Sustaining Practices for School Turnaround details the specific practices being used by turnaround schools that have led to dramatic increases in student achievement during the first two years of turnaround efforts. Findings include the identification of key leadership practices, the use of a robust tiered instructional system, and early evidence of the impact of differences in resource allocation and teacher turnover. **Download Emerging and Sustaining Practices for School Turnaround**

Achieving College Success : In partnership with Mass Insight Education, INSTLL is conducting longitudinal research on the impact of Mass Insight’s College Success Initiative, a program designed to increase students’ matriculation, persistence and success in college. Our High School Impact Studies and Achieving College Success Report document the promising and significant impact of Mass Insight’s work on increasing college going and first year to second year persistence rates for low-income and minority students. **Download 2013 Achieving College Success and 2013 High School Impact**

Framework for District Capacity Building and Improvement: Building upon research and through work with district leaders over the past 10 years, INSTLL developed and is actively sharing a framework for district improvement that provides a roadmap for school boards and district leaders focused on accelerating improvement efforts. The framework includes benchmarks, indicators, and best practice around district improvement.  

Our latest presentation, a guide for districts and local boards of education, is available for download and use (Download Rapid District Improvement, a Board Primer). Please visit our Rapid District Improvement site for the latest information.

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