Systems-based strategic planning

Why is systems-based strategic planning useful and needed?                                                                       

Most districts and schools are faced with multiple requirements with respect to planning and improvement. While planning requirements are intended to support districts and schools in developing strategic and actionable plans, the reality is that most planning efforts do not lead to dramatic improvement. Improvement plans often involve the piecemeal implementation of short-term solutions with little understanding of how various challenges (and potential solutions) may relate to each other. As a result, the hard work and thinking of dedicated educators (administrators, teachers, and school board members) often fails to result in dramatic improvements.

We believe that all districts and schools would benefit from the opportunity to participate in planning processes and in the development of improvement plans that are focused and strategic rather than being required to write and submit more detailed and lengthy plans solely in response to accountability and reporting requirements.  

What is needed is a useful, strategic, and systems-based means of identifying the core challenges that a district or school is facing and a process for developing the high-leverage strategies (both technical and adaptive) that will build the capacity of district and school leaders to engage in sustainable improvement efforts. 

What is the focus of systems-based strategic planning? 

We provide intensive support to district and school leaders engaged in district and school improvement, focused on developing a systems-based and strategic plan for improvement. We engage educational leaders in a systems analysis to identify high-priority needs and challenges, craft a set of targeted and strategic actions and develop an implementation road map to support successful implementation of improvement strategies. Program activities are designed to lead to sustainable improvement efforts by building the capacity of an organization (and its leaders) to actively design, implement, and monitor innovative improvement strategies.

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