Who we are

We are a small and growing education policy and consulting group committed to working with educational leaders, policymakers, and organizations who are interested in, or actively engaged in, the use of systems thinking to improve public education. We work with state departments of education, districts, schools, and partner organizations to pursue scalable improvement strategies and policies that will enhance learning among adults and students.                                            

What we do to support innovation and transformational change

Teachers, administrators, and educational leaders spend long hours figuring out how to do their jobs better and improve teaching and learning, and in doing so they continually come up with new and potentially innovative ideas and strategies. We know that innovation, and more importantly the untapped potential for innovation, does exist across the public school sector, but that the system of public education does not always provide fertile ground for the development and sharing of such innovation. 

We work to support the development and expansion of innovative ideas to improve public education by cultivating strategic leadership and learning, supporting the construction of a policy environment conducive to innovation, and engaging in meaningful evaluations of the various strategies employed to support teaching and learning. 

  • Strategic Leadership and Learning - We work with state departments of education, districts and schools toward the development of strategic and meaningful plans for improvement, the use of systems processes and approaches to manage districts and schools, and to cultivate the leadership capacity (e.g., the organizational skills, norms, and actions) to support sustainable improvement.
  • Constructing Education Policy - We provide detailed analysis and evaluations of state and federal education policies and regulations as they impact local improvement efforts, focusing on how policies are interpreted and enacted by individuals across the education system. Using our analysis as a starting point, we work with educational leaders to consider how to best construct, adapt, utilize and communicate education policies so as to create a productive policy environment that supports innovation and transformational change. 
  • Evaluation Design and Consultation - We assist state departments of education, districts, and schools in the design and development of formative evaluation strategies and instruments and the administration of formative and long-term impact evaluations of educational interventions and policies. We see evaluation, including the ongoing monitoring and critical examination of emerging innovations, as crucial to development and spread of effective educational practices and policies. 

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