Guiding Principles

How We Work

We use systems-based and collaborative approaches to help our clients - state departments of education, districts, and schools - identify factors that are influencing their ability to engage in effective and sustainable improvement efforts. Through a collaborative and intensive process of information analysis, data exploration and collective sense-making, we jointly identify innovative strategies for improving public education and construct an implementation road map for translating those strategies into practical and meaningful actions. Our work ranges from designing and conducting rigorous evaluations of policies and strategies to facilitating intensive and ongoing strategic planning sessions focused on collective sense-making and developing actionable strategies to meet client needs and goals.

In our work, we carefully analyze and consider individual, organizational, and contextual factors as they lead to and open windows of opportunity for mobilizing and enacting innovative change. 

  • We access and leverage individuals' perspectives and knowledge as a key source of the expertise and energy needed to advance innovative change.
  • We strive to develop a coherent policy environment that enables districts and schools to engage in sustainable improvement. 
  • We examine and consider how different levels of the education system interact with each other and in relation to client goals and objectives.
  • We consider how existing relationships with the surrounding community influence efforts to engage in sustainable improvement.
  • We explore and use emerging technologies and networks as means to support innovative and transformational change.

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